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Safety for yourself and your family is always the number one priority.  Oil heat one of the safest ways to heat your home.  Not only is it safe but it is clean.  The new oil heat is a traditional #2 heating oil blended with Bioheat® which is a renewable resource made from corn, soybean, animal fats or even yellow grease

1. Oil Heat does not explode. Stated in  a report by the National Fire Protection Association, oil heat equipment caused the least amount of deaths of all heating fuels. Oil can’t explode. Before it can even burn, it must first be turned into a fine particle mist and then ignited. Oil heat will not get hot enough to explode because heating oil is has a low combustibility. Unlike gaseous fuels, heating oil will not support a flame unless the temperature is above 140 degrees fahrenheit. There is not enough fuel vapor to cause an explosion.

2. Oil heat is clean. When your oil fired furnace is properly maintained you will not see any dust or soot or even smell any odors. The maintenance on any furnace should be done yearly by a licensed professional; this will guarantee your furnace will be functioning at optimal performance during the cold of the winter.

3. Oil heat has one of the lowest risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. Where as gas fired furnaces can omit high levels of CO2. CO2 is a gas you are unable to detect without a CO2 detector which similar to a fire and smoke alarm.

4.  Fuel oil is stored safely in a metal tank. Most homes store their oil tank in their basement. Your oil tank is not only durable but can last for decades.  Some new tanks offer warranties such as 30 year and in the first 10 years a 2 million dollar  clean up policy. 

5.  The New Oil Heat is a renewable resource and helps each and every homeowner go green without changing their heating equipment.  Energy Direct deliveries a blend of traditional oil heat with Bioheat®. Bioheat® has been available to oil dealers and being delivered to New England states for over 7 years.  Bioheat® provides a cleaner burn and that will make your heating unit more efficient and environmentally friendly.