contentWhen Energy Direct LLC is filling your oil tank there are many steps we take when delivering to your home. When filling your heating oil tank we always listen for a properly working vent alarm or whistle.  If we do not hear it we are unable to fill your tank.  Having a vent alarm on your residential heating oil tank will reduce the chance of an overfill and help avoid spills.  The damage of spills are not only harmful to the environment but are costly.

What is vent alarm? 

A vent alarm is a small device which is installed between your vent pipe and tank.

How does the vent alarm work?

When filling the oil tank air will be displaced through the vent pipe which makes the whistling noise.  When the whistle changes pitch and stops the oil delivery driver will know to stop filling the tank.

How do I know if I have a vent alarm?

Energy Direct LLC will not fill a tank if it does not have a properly working vent alarm.  We will leave you a note and follow up with a phone call if we were not able to hear the whistle. If you do not have one we have several service companies who will be able to install it.  Call us 860.325.0016 and we will be able to assist you.

By having a properly working vent alarm or having one installed is important for so many reasons.  The cost of the alarm is inexpensive compared to the cost of clean up and negative environmental impact of a spill which can run from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Let us help you with your vent alarm. Request a phone call at or call 860.325.0016