Alternative heat sources are popular in the Northeast to supplement heating in your home.  More and more house houses are trying to find different ways to reduce their use of fossil fuels.  Energy Direct now diversify their products they sell to consumers so we are able to offer something for every home and business in the Farmington Valley and surrounding towns. Whether is be Envir-Brick®, electricity or now Envir-Brick® we want to be your direct path to comfort. 

Energy Direct would like to introduce Envir-Brick®.  Envir-Brick® are an alternative product which burn in your wood stove.  They are light weight and easy to handle.  Twice the density of cordwood while eliminating the chopping, stacking, bugs and larger storage area which you have with wood. 

Envir-Brick® have so many positives points. 1 pallet of Envir-Brick® is equal to 1 cord of good wood.  You also will find it is a clean burning product with little ash, creosote and smoke.  Which means approximately 50%+ lesser particulate emission being released into the atmosphere. We have had consumers report their chimney has never been so clean and has had almost no ash. My favorite is the bricks burn longer than wood.

Energy Direct will be taking pre-orders for Envir-Brick®.  The cost is $350.00 per pallet including delivery*.  Deliveries will be made starting in September 2015.  Call 860.325.0016 or email with questions or to place your order.

*Delivery area includes Granby, CT, Granville, MA, Southwick Ma. 

**An additional $25.00 delivery charge will be charged for pallet 1 and pro rated for additional pallets for surrounding towns/cities outside of the delivery area previously listed.