Today I took a pledge.  This is what it said. “International Women’s Day and beyond, I pledge to help women and girls achieve their ambitions.”  This pledge runs so deep for me.  I have been blessed or lucky what ever you want to call it to have the support from my family and friends past and present who have helped me be a successful human. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for my parents; my mom for her strength and perseverance which she has shown me ever since I can remember and my dad for all the lessons I’ve learned about the oil industry and business in general.  My husband who many times has played the roll of mom, dad, driver, chef and maid while was in the middle of the winter season. Both of grandmothers, mother and aunt for their patience when teaching me how to cook which is another passion of mine; my hubby thanks them as well.  And finally grandfather Al taught me the value of a dollar and to work hard. I can remember my first job for him was to paint his metal shed mint green I am now not a fan of that color.  I have to laugh I thought I did such a good job and it was pretty awful but I received my pay and was asked to do another job- motivation right?  My family took this pledge without out having to say it.

madison at my desk

This pledge is so important to me because I have two little girls that have such big dreams.  Madison my 7 year old wants to be an oil girl and then my 4 year old Camryn is going to be a doctor.  I will do what it takes to make their ambitions come true. Just as my family and friends have done for me. A few months ago my petroleum supplier came to visit my terminal in Broad Brook, CT and I got to meet his little girl.  He looked at her and said “See, I told you girls can be in the oil business.” We walked around looked at the tanks, pumps, trucks and went back into the office and chatted over some hershey kisses.  I hope that little girl follows her dream to take over her father’s business and the same for Madison to learn the ropes of Energy Direct and Taylor Energy. This Barbie commercial is what I imagine for every girl in this world.


As I think about my community and the businesses I support,  many of them are strong women who I look up to.  Nutmeg’s Dance and Theater Company and Sunflower Yoga,  Nutmeg is an energetic and fantastic roll model to my two girls who dance at her studio.  710 Studios is a business I support because her passion and professionalism in the digital marketing field.   Darci D’Aleo Design, Darci created my logo and Facebook tiles has helped me communicate effectively to my customers. She is easy to work with and has so many creative ideas for each and every project she has done for me.!about/c240r Then of course there is Kate Child’s who is chair of the legislative committee for CEMA and vice-president of Tuxis Ohr a family owned business in the southern part of Connecticut.  We have served on several committees over the years and what I love about her is the passion and confidence. It is not an easy industry to be a woman in; the oil business is normally a generational business and handed down from generation to generation. There are so many other awesome ladies who are contributing to this community, state and country who I have failed to mention.

It’s International Women’s Day but gender should never play a roll when holding a job which is a difficult thought to change, even in this country.  I remember a few years ago I was told because I am a woman I don’t understand how to run a business and I’m just stupid- ummmmm wrong thing to say to this chick!  I believe if you have passion, perseverance, love, support and the willingness to take risk then you can do ANYTHING no matter what gender you are.

I hope you are reading this and you choose to make a pledge today   Pledge to help girls and women achieve their ambitions, pledge to challenge conscious and unconscious bias, pledge to call for gender balance leadership, pledge to value women and men’s contributions equally, pledge to create inclusive flexible cultures.