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Energy Direct would like to offer you a savings on your electricity.  If you live in Connecticut, Rhode Island or some towns in Western Massachusetts Energy Direct can help you and you do not have to be an oil customer.  These are among some of the states which offer deregulated electricity. Deregulated power or electricity means one thing for the consumers, it means you can save money on your electric bill and Energy Direct can make it simple to do. As an electricity customer you have the choice of who you want to produce your electricity, don’t confuse this with who will deliver the electricity, the provider will remain the same. So basically to simplify what happens is you choose a producer and you will still have the same provider who transfers the electricity to your home. The only thing that will change for you is the producer’s name on the left hand side of your electric bill and the rate will decrease which means you will see a savings on your bill immediately. Easy right?

Not only will you save money but you are helping to create jobs. The company we are pairing with to provide power to our customers is aware of the negative impacts producing energy can have on the environment. That is why they are offering a renewable energy source such as biomass and wind. If you are interested in saving money and reducing your impact on the environment call 860.325.0016 or send an email to and I will contact you at your convenience.