Best (лучший). Печать и оттискAre you wondering how to search for “The best oil company”? You first must answer this question.  What is the best?   Best could mean lowest price , the best company offering the best price or highest quality. Try and narrow down what exactly you want.

The lowest oil price.  To find the lowest oil price think of words which will give your results that show 1. show price and 2. maybe compare themselves to others. For example typing into search engine the term “COD oil Granby CT” or “COD oil Simsbury CT”.  COD meaning cash or check on delivery.  More recently oil companies are taking credit cards on delivery as well.  COD normally assures you will pay the lowest price at the time of delivery.  Some companies offer 10 day terms and will offer a discount if paid within those 10 days after delivery.  Try replacing the word COD with “Discount oil Granby CT “or “Discount oil Simsbury CT” it can often give a different result.

Accessing Pricing Websites A website which is great to reference is choose your state and zone.  Remember to check zones surrounding your town because often companies will deliver in to other areas of the state.  Energy Direct is currently listed in zone 10 of Connecticut but we deliver into Southwick and Granville Massachusetts.

Quality of heating oil The quality of the heating oil you put into your tank is actually more important than you think.  Here are a few questions you may want to ask an oil company before getting a delivery.

  1. What type of oil do you deliver?  Energy Direct delivers their customers a traditional heating oil blended with biodiesel (a renewable fuel)
  2. Do you treat the heating oil you deliver? Energy Direct has decided to treat each gallon we deliver to our customers.  It is treated with a stabilizer and two conditioners.  We’ve found this will reduce our customer’s service calls through out a year and increases efficiency. To read more about the quality of our heating oil click this link.
  3. Do you offer service on heating and cooling systems? Not all oil companies offer service.  Recently Energy Direct has decided to team up with a local service company Aker Mechanical Services 860.539.5528

Online Access It is so easy to access and order items online.  Energy Direct offers right on our home page a link to order heating oil.  All you have to do it check your tank gauge and click the link and you can order a specific amount of heating oil. Below you will find a reference chart for a typical 275 gallon heating oil tank on how much oil you should order.

275 gallon tank

1/2 tank will take  120- 130 gallons

1/3 tank will take 150- 175 gallons

1/4 tank will take 175-200 gallons

1/8 tank will take 200-225 gallons

There are so many good oil companies to choose from in the Farmington Valley and Western Massachusetts.  Energy Direct is always striving to be the best oil company for you.