SnowflakeIt’s all people are talking about, Storm Juno Blizzard of 2015.  The media is hyping the storm by telling us it could be “potentially historic”.  So now that we have an epic storm heading in our direction, what should be do to prepare our family and home for the impending weather? Before we run out and buy the entire grocery store  we need to realize it is 2015 and we all have access to the internet to order a plow service, the towns and cities have state of the art trucks and plows to keep up with the storm and a lot of us have generators or know people who have generators if our power goes out.  But if we are stuck in our homes for some time here is a list of things we should do to prepare.

1. From the grocery store: Bread, Milk, Water.  High protein foods which are non perishable such as granola bars, nuts, nut butters.  Dried fruits, bananas and apples are always easy to store without power also.  Don’t forget if the power goes out during a  winter storm we have access to the snow to keep our milk and other perishables cold.

2. Batteries.  Not only do you need to check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide monitors, check the batteries in your flashlights.  Make sure you charge the batteries on your phones, tablets and portable battery chargers for cell phones.

3. Musts – candles, matches, firewood, flashlights, portable radio, first aid kit, manual can opener, extra blankets and fire extinguisher.

4. Fuel Oil.  Since the roads may not be wonderful to drive on the delivery truck may have trouble getting to your home.  If your tank gauge is reading 1/4 of a tank the average house can go approximately 7 days.  Remember to always keep your thermostat above 60°.  If the power goes out it will take a little bit more time for the temperature to drop and hopefully will help keep your pipes from freezing.

5.  Keeping paths and vents clear.  If you heat with gas please be sure keep your vent clear so you do not become overwhelmed with noxious CO2 gases. If you smell a leak find your emergency shut off immediately and call 911.  Clear an emergency route from all doors in case of a fire. Please be sure to clear a path to your oil fill pipe when cleaning up from the storm.

If you have to go out in the storm remember to dress for the weather. In your car you should carry blankets, water, non perishable snacks, rope, jumper cables, first aid kit, shovel, sand or cat litter, tool kit, flashlight with extra batteries, SwissArmy knife, water proof matches, windshield scraper, cell phone and charger. Be sure you fill your vehicle with fuel before traveling.

As long as you have a plan and are prepared for a winter storm it can be fun.  Be safe and we look forward to seeing you once the roads clear.