Hello again!  It’s time to reflect on winter 2 of owning and operating my own oil company.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting a local and woman owned business.  If it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t be heading into winter 3 – so exciting to say!

So over a year ago I wrote a synopsis of my first winter since then I have experienced the bad, the good, the ugly and did some growing. So lets start with the bad…I think we are safe to say anyone who operates their own business has mechanical problems. It was nothing major this year just a crazy thermostat which didn’t want to corporate. A big thank you to my new friend Don at Don’s Auto Care Center who figured out the problem.  Now the GOOD, we survived another winter and it had low prices.  How many of you loved the lower oil prices?  I know for me it was pretty sweet posting per gallon price’s in the mid to upper $1.00 range.  How about the ugly.  After this winter Mother Nature and I are fighting.  The winter was the most mild on record in over 20 years. This shortened the gallons delivered to each home.  Competitors dropped their prices to make a buck to stay operating.  So hopefully Mother Nature will let Old Man Winter come back to Connecticut this up coming heating season so I can get back out there and keep you warm. Time to chat about the growing which has happened over the past 9 months.  Energy Direct has acquired new partner Taylor Energy in Broad Brook CT 860.623.3308.  The exciting part is Energy Direct customers get to access all the awesome services Taylor Energy has to offer, such as, automatic or COD Propane delivery, HVAC service and installations (yes that’s right you can have your heating and cooling unit serviced or even get a free quote on a heating, hot water tank or cooling system) and plumbing service. The staff and technicians are phenomenal! So now if you ever need me you have two places to find me.

I just want to refresh your memory on what Energy Direct has to offer.  We can put you on a budget program for the heating season, automatic delivery, 24/7 ordering of oil on yourenergydirect.com, propane delivery, service, Envirobricks and discount electricity rates. Oh an even a once in a while emergency midnight delivery only because I love my customers. You can email questions about the company catherine@yourenergydirect.com or even call me 860.325.0016 I love talking to my customers! Along with all of these items which my company can do, I have decided it is important to become more active in the oil industry to help communicate better about oil heat, propane and services.  I am serving on to committees for CEMA (Connecticut Energy Marketers Association); Member Services Committee and Advertising Committee and then I accepted a nomination for a board position with NEFI (New England Fuel Institute) this past May in which I will be representing Connecticut and finally serving on the public communications committee for NEFI this will keep me in tune with the trends.

Last year was the first year I participated in Celebrate Granby.  If you’re not familiar with this event you should check it out on September 17th, 2016. It’s a very fun social event where you get to visit different tents of all the business that are part of the Granby Chamber of Commerce. I will be there hopping in between the Energy Direct tent and Taylor Energy tent.  If you see me please say hi and introduce yourself, I will be giving out coupons toward your next delivery-if you can find me 🙂

My number one goal is to make you happy and give you the best service possible.  Knowing you can choose from so many other oil companies makes it so special to me that you have decided to choose Energy Direct.  Communication is so important if you have any ideas on how to better Energy Direct I would love to hear them.  I can’t wait to see you this winter when I’m out delivering oil, you’ll see me on Thursday’s and Friday’s in the truck! Other than that I’ll see you around town don’t be afraid to say “HI!” I most likely either hug you or shake your hand.  Again, thanks a million for supporting Energy Direct!


me with tank