loading truck

Emotions, purpose, cash flow, petroleum, ticking meters, expenses, permits, licenses, knee deep snow and sub-zero mornings, new customers, followers, friends, support, social media, a new chapter, CEMA, the first winter under my belt as ED’s girl.  These are all things I think of when I think about the first winter of owning my own heating oil company.  Writing it all down brings tears to my eyes because I am unable to share this with my dad.  He was the driving force to stay in the oil business; wanting me to be third generation in the oil industry. I couldn’t be happier I followed his advice.  Once he passed away I had a shift in my professional career and had to make a decision.  The decision was easy, it was to go on with being a third generation in the oil industry and to continue keeping the Farmington Valley and surrounding towns warm and comfortable.

  The support from my family,  friends, colleagues and customers is still surreal.  I can honestly say my customers are the most terrific people I have ever spoken with.  Energy Direct wouldn’t have had a successful lead off winter without everyone who was a patron, a supplier, a supporter of this amazing adventure. I am not saying everything went perfect, like the time I delivered a lovely customer in Southwick, MA-they ordered a set number of gallons on our website and instead I filled their tank.  Or the time my delivery truck decided it needed a visit to the garage for a couple weeks in the middle of winter. 

Now that I have been able to breath easier and reflect on the first winter I am able to improve on what I can offer to my customers.  I want to give consumers different types of energy not only heating oil but electricity and alternative heat sources.  My vision has always been to keep my customers comfortable, may it be with heating oil, electricity, bio bricks, budget plans and services for heating a cooling systems.  Offering electricity was just one step closer to helping my customers in receiving a fair utility rate.  I am in the process of adding different electricity producers so everyone will have more choices.  Bio Bricks is the next step for an alternative heating source.  I will be releasing, specs,  pricing and availability very soon. Additionally, Energy Direct will offer a budget plan for the winter of 2015-2016.  These are only a few of the improvements you will see and more to come.

I really just want to send a gigantic THANK YOU out to everyone who has been by my side through this first winter.  I am delighted you decided to take this journey with ED’s girl and her oil truck.  The concept has turned it to a fabulous reality and I am already planning for the upcoming winter.  Please be sure to contact me with questions or other choices you would like Energy Direct to offer.