DinosaurI’m starting a string of mini blogs starting with where does oil come from and finishing with Bioheat® the evolution of oil heat.

Where does oil come from?  Here is a quick sciencey answer. Oil and natural gas start as plants, organisms and dinosaurs (well, they contributed a little bit) and when they die they build up at the bottom of swamps, rivers, lakes and oceans.  A layer of sand or sediment will cover it which results in heat and pressure and then changes those organisms into a dark waxy layer called kerogen. Kerogen molecules will crack and if they choose to hang on the liquid side of things then it becomes petroleum and if it decides to become aeriform then it’s a natural gas.

As you can imagine takes thousands of years for this process to take place which is why we can’t fully depend on what the earth has provided us.  Using Bioheat® as a solution is one of the most effective ways to decrease our dependency on crude.  Let’s be honest we can not quit petroleum products cold turkey so why not take the responsible route by finding an alternative. Biofuels are a domestic fuel which is a partial replacement for heating oil and diesel fuels.

https://www.yourenergydirect.com/your-oil-heat-is-safe-and-clean/ #5 in this blog briefly touches on Bioheat and how Energy Direct delivers it to your home.You can also visit http://bioheatonline.com/ to more information on Bioheat.