So a few ideas on how to make sure you are covered when Old Man Winter knocks on your door.
1. Automatic Fuel Delivery – takes the guess work out of when you need a delivery. We are here for you. I have an system that uses degree days, the size of your home and how you heat your hot water. It will take those factors and will tell me when your home needs a delivery. Automatic delivery is ***FREE *** of charge. You must keep a current credit card on file and your account must remain in good standing. You will receive the same price as any other customer.
2. 1/4 of a tank rule- so ok you’re not comfortable with being on automatic delivery that is alright. But PLEASE I beg you (I’m speaking for all other oil and propane companies out there too) call and schedule your delivery ASAP. A 1/4 of a tank in the winter gives us enough notice to find a spot in the schedule where we can make sure you get a delivery. You have to remember I am here to serve you and I want to be able to do that as efficiently as possible and by being efficient I can have awesome pricing.
3. Have an annual tune up/service- by having your heating unit serviced yearly you are sure that it will be running as efficiently as possible. Which means you will burn less fuel and will be helping save our planet and your wallet.
4. Emergency Deliveries- yes they can be made. I hate to do it BUT prices are subject to change when this is an occurrence. I love my customers and each and everyone of you are fantastic; I wouldn’t be typing this blog without you but there is always a cost to getting a midnight delivery service when needed and there is a cost for me to give you that service.
That’s all I have for now. Stay warm this weekend. And don’t be afraid to comment or call me.
ED’s girl